Organize Your Book Shelves

Summer is a popular time for reading, on the beach or poolside.  Is it time to make space for your new books and organize your collection?

Here’s How

First, go through and pull out the books that would like to donate, sell or gift and put them to one side, in a cardboard box.

Decide How you would like to display your books.

  • Fiction, by author
  • Non fiction, by topic (travel, biography, special interest, how to, inspirational etc.)
  • Another option is to organize by color.  


Remove your books and stack them on the floor in the genres you have decided upon.  Sort into size order, unless you are sorting alphabetically. Once the bookcase is empty, clean the shelves and dust the spines before replacing the books on the shelves.

bookcaseAlternate standing your books upright and laying them flat, to make it look more interesting.  If you have room, accent with decorative pieces.  

Passing on your used books

  • Gift to your friends – organize a coffee morning and have everyone bring along a book or two to swap.
  • Donate to local Hospitals, Hospice and Assisted Living Facilities, Thrift Stores and Charity Shops.
  • Sell online – You can find several sites and will give you a quote for your used books and offer free shipping!

Place the boxes of books to donate directly into your car and the books that you are selling by your computer, start selling and making some cash!


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