Organizing Tasks On April’s Hit List

  • In the Garden
  • Outdoor Spring Clean-up
  • Dirty Little Jobs
  • Temperature’s Rising
  • Calm the Paper Chaos
  • Featured Room – Kitchen

In The Garden

By no means do I have green thumbs!  I love to be outside in my garden. I have got down and dirty with a small vegetable patch, I love to harvest my own herbs and veggies.  I can even tackle a flower basket or two.  The following landscaping jobs however, I leave to the professionals.

  • Replace dead or struggling shrubs.
  • Move overcrowded plants.
  • Check tree limbs, for dead wood and to make sure they do not touch your house or roof.
  • Replace mulch or pine straw.
  • Feed and Reseed the lawn.

If you take care of your own garden, clean your garden tools and equipment and make sure all are in good repair before you tackle the shrubbery.


Plan a Vegetable and/or Herb Garden

Last year I plagroables18CTnted my first “no brainer” raised bed vegetable garden using Gro-able Seed Pods.  I planted MiracleGro’s 18 count vegetable and herb garden. It was great for a first time effort.

While I had success with my small patch, I’m ready to graduate and move on and buy small plantssprout itfrom the garden center!  I’m going to use Sprout It, a niffty app,  to choose plants best suited to my raised bed and will rely on the app to send me prompts to keep my garden growing.  I will post updates!


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