Outdoor Spring Clean-up

My life this week!  Now the Live Oak leaves have finally stopped shedding and the pollen dusting has finished, we can turn our attention to cleaning up outside, after a chilly winter.hose fun


Tasks include:

  • Power wash the driveway, paths and patio or deck.
  • Gentle spray wash the exterior of the home.
  • Clean Windows, Screens and Gutters.
  • Clean outdoor furniture.
  • Clean or Paint your Mailbox.
  • Clean out the garage, check condition of tools and sporting equipment.

electric-pressure-washer-home depot

Home Depot has, for as little as $34 per day,  an electric power washer, or for $76 , a larger gas-powered model.  It’s  easy to do and gets great results, fast.

For gentle spray washing of the entire house and roof, call a professional service provider.  Depending on the size of the home costs run between $250- $450.

For window cleaning services, check with your local Groupon and Social Living sites for coupons and special offers.

Cleaning the outside furniture and your mailbox comes down to bucket of hot soapy water and a hose pipe!

Round this off with a garage clean out, toss, sell or donate unwanted items.  Tackle the Garage Organization job another time.


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