Want to get organized?

Great tips … simple, quick, I like easy!

Millenial Navigating Adulthood

Here are five tips to help you get/stay organized!

  1. Planner – A planner is golden! But it also helps if you actually write things down in this planner. It will help you in the long run!
  2. Clean – Every night if you have too. If you take five minutes to clean up your room or where ever. It will make a huge difference because everything will be in its place
  3. Color code – This will help to make sure everything is in the right place. For classes, make sure everything is the same color. It will help to put everything in the right place.
  4. Make Lists – I do this every day. It says things that I need to accomplish during the day. I know its a good day when I have everything checked off the list. (I haven’t yet today).
  5. Make a timeline – Use post-it notes if possible…

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