Making Dinner Time Count!

In the past I have contributed as an expert on Always Active Athletics: “The Online Magazine: Your #1 Source For At-Home Fitness” In the last year they have expanded rapidly and had the privilege to be seen in Shape, American Fitness, PTDC, iPhone Life, June issue of Women’s Fitness Magazine (print), RedBookMag….etc. Plus, they are currently getting almost 200,000 hits per year and that is only growing!  They asked me to contribute and write a “Featured Post”.  Anyone who has listened to any of my presentations knows the following tip ranks in my top five.

Foreword: As busy as your family is with work, school, sports…etc. dinner might be the only time you have to get together to talk about your day. For this Featured Post, our expert tells us some great ways that can help you save time and money on your way to actually making a great family dinner.

Making Dinner Time Count!

by Ginny Underwood

Professional Home Organizer and Time Management Consultant

As a professional organizer and time management consultant my goal is to offer organizing services focused on creating order in the home, business, and life. Helping to simplify lives and surroundings is my expertise and passion. By far, the biggest payback is reclaiming TIME! Not to be wasted watching more TV or cooking elaborate meals, but for quality family time. Many of my tips and suggestions revolve around planning. From a weekly menu plan, to easy meals with easy clean up that families will enjoy making and choosing together (with a little money saving tips thrown in for good measure).

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