Turn around (Every Now and then…)

An amazing effort by a group of responsible young professionals. It has been quite a journey, looking forward to the next chapters!


The hardest part of this entire project has without a doubt been de-rooting and turning the soil in the garden area. Considering the size of the space, a rarity in London, it has taken a lot longer and been a lot more work than we thought. However, we got there in the end, and the brambles and landfill waste have actually been sitting on what seems to be some pretty decent soil.

At a friend’s party the other day I got chatting to a girl about permaculture (as you do…) and she said if your garden is full of brambles, the key is to work with their presence, and understand that they are trying to tell you something- for example, that your soil is too acidic or alkali. You can then adapt your growing style accordingly without using litres of weed killer, which would go against the whole ethos of…

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