Calm the Paper Chaos

Reducing the amount of paper clutter in your home or work space starts right at the mailbox. Discard unwanted flyers, mailing and junk mail before you get into the house or office, by placing a recycling box in your garage or trash area.

Sort your mail into bills, correspondence, offers and periodicals.

IMG_1407Place magazine and periodicals in a basket close to where you would read them, so you are more likely to return the magazine to that space when you’re finished reading it.  Limit the number of back issues you keep to three months.  If you find you want to keep magazines because of useful articles, consider an online subscription instead of a paper one.

imageKeep the remaining mail in one central location, maybe an expanding file or folders marked PAY. READ. FILE. CALL/WRITE. COUPONS/OFFERS.  You may move a single document from read to call to pay to file … But you will always be able to find it.

Take a moment to address each category at least once per week, to make sure you are on top of all your correspondence, not necessarily all at the same time, unless time permits.

It may make sense to keep separate expanding files for Home, Business, Kids/School.




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