Organizing Project – A Small Desk


The Problem:

I share an office with my husband. I only have a small desk, it’s overcrowded and not very feminine. I run my business from here but work out of the office for the most part, so I don’t need a bigger space. I just need my space to be more functional.

Our Solution:

Remove the wooden cabinet and lamp – they are very masculine. Replace with stackable Martha Stewart Desk Organizing Items, using the cream, to blend with the desk but accent with the teal to make it pretty! With everything housed in the tower we have reclaimed 60% more desk top space. With the final touch of a pretty lamp that projects a better light, we found a solution!


Staples – Martha Stewart Stack+Fit Desk Accessories. We used the drawer base, two filing trays and an organizer bin on the top in cream, then accented with teal lever arch files to which we added stick on metal book-plate. The lamp was the clients own.

There are more options available, but we didn’t have the space or need them as the clients desk also had three shallow drawers we could use.



Before and After Photos 



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