Home Maintenance for May

As the outside temperatures rise, the air inside needs cooling, and de-humidifying.  Now is a good time to have your units serviced and change the filters. Local HVAC experts also recommend running a ceiling fan to boost the cooling effect.  “When the breeze from a ceiling fan blows across your skin, it speeds up the evaporation rate of perspiration, making you feel cooler while the temperature of the room remains the same. Thanks to this wind chill effect, you can raise the temperature of your HVAC by several degrees while maintaining comfort levels. Since it only works on people and not rooms, turn off the fan as you leave to maximize savings” says E.A.C. Heating & Air, of Hilton Head  They also recommend running tumble dryers and dishwashers at night.


Fan Direction


Most fans have a switch on the side or on the remote control that allows you to change direction of the fan blades according to season.

  • Summer – Set Blade rotation to counterclockwise, or forward on some remote controls. This forces the air downward to create the wind chill effect.
  • Winter – Set Blade rotation to clockwise, or reverse. In this setting, fan blades draw cool air from the floor up toward the ceiling, where it mixes with warmer air that’s risen. It’s then gently distributed along the sides of the room, relieving some of the burden on your heating system.

Learn more about how your ceiling fan can help keep you cool this summer, check out E.A.C. Heating & Air’s blog posts http://eacair.com/blogs


Appraise Your Home Maintenance Requirements;

Take a walk around your home and make a note of any fixtures and fittings that are in need of an upgrade or service.  List in order of priority and start researching the best deals for checking each item off the list.  You may not get to everything on the list immediately, but having a list will make you more cognitive of what youhoney do list need, should an offer or recommendation present itself.



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