Closet Clear Out!

Sun dresses, short sleeves, cropped pants and pretty sandals and flip flops.  That’s my summer attire sorted! It’s with great  pleasure that I move my winter clothing to a remote part of my closet for a few months.  Embrace the beginning of summer by rearranging your closet.  See how much room you have now for this seasons “must haves”.

  • Put away winter clothing.

  • Take any items to the dry cleaner, that need it.

  • Purge items that you haven’t worn, dislike or do not suit you.

  • Purge your shoes, boots, bags and accessories.

  • Check online for local shoe drives.  Soles for Souls operates nationwide, you can even start your own event!soles for souls

  • Sort childrens closets by removing winter clothing that will not fit them next season.  Donate, consign or gift items.

  • Send brand name items to online consignments companies such as and for kids items.


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