Room of The Month – Play Room/Media Room

School is nearly over, summer’s around the corner.  Soon the kids will be out of school (and college).  Days will be spent outside, at the beach in vacation mode.  Organizing your loved ones play space will help keep your home a little less cluttered over the summer.  By removing toys, games and DVD’s that are no longer used, age appropriate, or enjoyed will offer more space for the items you are keeping and with a little organization and signage, everyone will be able to put items away easily and regularly!  We can but try!


  • swapconsignmentPlayroom/toy cupboard, remove all items that your child no longer plays with or has outgrown, and donate, sell or gift them.  Organize remaining items.  If it’s a nice day toss all your building blocks or  plastic toys such as tea sets etc into a bucket of warm soapy water and have your little ones clean them.  Rinse and leave them on a towel to dry outside.
  • toybox labelsCheck that puzzles and games have all their pieces, if not, don’t rush to discard them, put them in a box to use on a craft project.   Teachers often use jigsaw pieces or game pieces for art projects.  Use labels on boxes and totes with words and pictures, so that your children can help tidy up.

For FREE Better Homes and Gardens printable labels click link

  • Organize your media room/cabinet: Check that the DVD/Games cases have the disc inside.  Put to one side the empty cases and disc without cases.   Organize movies into genres or ratings.  Keep empty cases separate, in a basket, the discs may turn up later.  Put discs with boxes into a CD holder to protect them.
  • Purge your collection and sell, consign, donate or gift the DVD’s and games you no longer want.  You can turn your unwanted DVD’s and games into cash using online sites that offer free shipping and will quote you a price instantly.

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