Make Up/Bathroom Cabinets/Medicine Chest – Spring Clean!

Have you ever been rummaging around in your make up drawer, under your bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet and asked yourself : “how old is this!”  “what is this, exactly?” and “is this still good to use?”  If you answered yes, then it’s time to purge, purge, purge.  These are areas we visit just about every day but sadly neglect to keep in order.  Luckily, after our massive closet project, these areas are small and will take 10-15 minutes, tops, to organize.

  • washing brushesMakeup.  Discard old items.  Clean your make brushes in warm water using baby shampoo and dry with paper towels.  Do not get the barrel of the brush wet, as it may loosen the bristles causing them to fall out.  Makeup brush shampoos and cleaners are available and cost between $4 and $15.

  • guest bathroom basketOrganize your bathroom cabinets.  Throw out old or empty product containers.  Fill a travel bag with your duplicate products.  Make a guest basket with unused duplicates, freebies given to you by your dentist or samples you have received.  If you have more than that, consider donating unused products to your local women’s shelter.

  • drug disposalClean out your medicine cabinet.  Pay close attention to the guidelines set out by the FDA  when disposing of unwanted drugs.  Check with your local pharmacy to see if these is a “take-back” program in your area.  Do not flush certain medications down the toilet.  Blackout your name and drug name on the containers, to protect your privacy.  Check the expiry dates on EpiPens and Eye Drops.  Replace if necessary.

For more detailed information on drug disposal go to


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