Soft Shell Crabs

A visit to The Bluffton Oyster Company on the May River in Bluffton, in search of soft-shelled crabs.  The Bluffton Oyster Company actually sits on reclaimed land, built up by more than a hundred years of discarded shells from previous shucking operations. The oyster business thrived in early Bluffton and throughout the 1920’s, with five different oyster operations in the area. Now the Bluffton Oyster Company remains the last hand-shucking house in the state of South Carolina.  Soft shell crabs (blue crabs in these waters) are so sweet, with a hint of briny waters.  They are ridiculously easy to clean and cook. Although I have the fish monger clean them for me!  One of my favorite treats.


2 crabs per person (cleaned)

All purpose flour, a pinch of Salt, Pepper and Paprika , mixed

Oil and Butter for sautéing


Rinse and pat dry the cleaned crabs.

Dust in the seasoned flour

Heat Oil and Butter in a frying pan, cook crab for 4 minutes on each side.

The shell will turn a rich red color.

Serve with corn on the comb boiled new potatoes and a green salad on your choice.





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