Selling Your Home? Get Ahead of The Competition!

sold signSpring/Summer are busy times for the real estate market, as homeowners with children ideally want to move in before the start of the next school year.  This means more homes will be coming on the market.  Homeowners need to make a powerful first impression to prospective buyers especially with the increased competition.

 When preparing your home for the real estate market consider this.  You are not selling your house, you are selling the buyer’s their new one!


Perspective buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home.  This concept has seen the birth of a strategy called “home staging”.  It is effective and has advantages for both the buyer and the seller.  The advantages for the seller include selling for top dollar, being ahead of your competition and preparing for your inevitable moving day.  The advantages to the buyer is the knowledge that the home has been cleaned, maintained and is being offered in the best possible light and that the seller is serious about selling.

The attributes you want to showcase are; Space, Light, Condition and Cleanliness.


This means declutter! Pack up items to do not use regularly but still want to keep, to create more space in drawers, closets and cupboards.  Remove items you no longer need or will not be taking with you when you move and donate, consign or gift them.  Remove everything that is not furniture from the floor, to showcase the size of each room and the condition of the floors and carpet.  Remove most items from countertops, depersonalize your home, so potential buyers can imagine their family in your space.  Un  cluttered countertops and shelves are also easier to clean and wipe down before each showing.  Prune and trim trees and shrubs around your garden.  Remove tall items on counters and tables that interrupt the sight line of a view into a room or beyond through a window.


Clean the windows and screens.  Open or even remove drapes to let in the most light into the space.  Place lamps in darker corners of rooms and turn them on for mood lighting.  Consider painting the walls a neutral color in the public rooms.  Bright colors and themed rooms are acceptable in the bedrooms, but maybe the bright burnt orange paint in your living room, that you love, might be overpowering for a prospective buyer and subliminally put them off.  Replace all dead light bulbs and turn on all the lights before a viewing.  Open the doors to all rooms, inviting the prospective buyer to look at everything.


Before a sale is finalized, most buyers will have your home inspected.  The inspector will find every item that is not working or in poor repair.  Pre empt this by fixing these items before you put the house on the market. Touch up peeling paint, adjust cupboard doors and drawers so that they open and close properly, service your heating and air conditioning, Polish wood and tiled floors.  Replace damaged grout and sealant around baths and showers.  Mr. Clean magic eraser works brilliantly on scuff on walls, trim and floors


Wipe down and clean all paintwork on doors and trim to remove marks and scuffs.  Have all the carpets cleaned.  Thoroughly clean your home and then maintain it with weekly cleaning.  Clean around the dishwasher door.  Clean the oven and filters in the extractor fan above the cooktop.  Clean windows and interior glass doors and mirrors.  Organize and clean your home office, remove clutter and personal/private correspondence from plain sight.



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