Organizing a Garage Sale

garage saleThe week prior to the event get the word out and advertise

  • Local Newspaper: Will cost you.
  • Craigslist: Free listing. Post the event and refresh daily the week prior to the sale.  On the day upload photos of your yard and repost later with a call to action such as ”Rock Bottom Prices”  or “Everything Must Go”.
  • Garage Sale Finder websites for your area: Free listing. such as and
  • Your personal Facebook or Twitter page, invite your friends to share your post.
  • Local Facebook Garage Sale Group; Free listing
  • Lawn signs with clear directional arrows and your address that direct people from the main road or cross street to your sale.  Put these out 15 minutes before the sale starts and even add a balloon or two.


Be precise in your ad about what you are selling to attract buyers who are looking for specific items. Such as Furniture, Jewelry, Tools, Sports Equipment, Kids Toys, Baby Equipment etc.  Regular garage sale buyers go to several sales in one day and know what they are looking for.



  • Once you have sorted the items that you wish to sell, remember that: You Want To Sell, you do not want to put your items back in your garage at the end of the day.
  • Be realistic about what you can expect someone to pay for second hand merchandise.
  • Price to sell and offer incentives to buy multiples. For example $1 each or 5 for $4
  • New and Gently used items, in original packaging and instructions will fetch higher prices.
  • Check your local Craigslist for pricing on more expensive items, to see what others are asking for the same, and then price below that.
  • It’s not necessary to tag everything with a price, have price for like items such as All Books .25c  All Clothes $1 a Piece
  • If you have items you are willing to donate, offer them first at your sale in a FREE box to attract buyers into your sale.
  • Lower your prices in the afternoon.  Offer incentives like; Fill a Shopping Bag for $5
  • There are three types of buyer. The early bird, who wants the pick of the sale, the local browser and the bargain hunter, looking for end of day bargains.


Getting the Kids Involved

If you have kids toys, games or clothes for sale, have them man that table. They can also help by fetching newspaper, bags and boxes to wrap sold items. Consider setting up a cold soda/lemonade stand that they could run.

What you will need on the day

  • Change: $100 in small bills $20 in $1’s  $40 in $5’s  $40 in $10’s plus coins if you have items priced under $1.
  • Newspaper for wrapping breakable items, plastic grocery bags and cardboard boxes.
  • An extension cord, for buyers to test electrical items.
  • An over the body or fanny pack for the cash, leaving your hands free to make sales.
  • All Sales are Final Sign
  • A Rain Date back up or take the sale into the Garage.

Other Considerations

  • Do not let anyone in the house to use the bathroom or try on clothes.  Direct them to the nearest public bathroom.
  • Keep a charged phone in your bag.
  • Keep wads of bills in a separate compartment of your bag.
  • Have family or friends help you.
  • Keep higher priced items where you can see them at all times.
  • Check bags and other large items you sell to make sure nothing has been hidden inside.
  • Put items such as garden tools and fishing rods close to the curb, to sway a reluctant husband to stop and check out your sale.
  • Remove your lawn signs after the sale.

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