Balcony Safety

romeo balcony

As a Professional Organizer and mother of four children, I understand the need for creating spaces that are functional, family friendly and safe.  Small children are inquisitive, adventurous and very quick to give grown ups the slip. To ensure your balcony and deck is safe for the children living in the home and those visiting, take the following precautions:

  • Never leave a young child alone on the balcony.

  • Move furniture away from the balcony/deck railings.

  • Secure all hanging plants.

  • Cover the inside of the railing with Plexiglas sheeting or other form of deck shield.  Especially where the railings has foothold that a small child could use to climb up, or where the railings have a gap wider than 4″, that a child could squeeze through.

  • Place a latch on the door leading from the home to the balcony, out of a child’s reach, or a door alarm.

  • Secure a childproof gate at the top of the deck stairs to block access and prevent falls.

  • Talk to your children about the dangers and explain the risks.

Balcony netting is inexpensive and a good solution to protect small pets, who may be at risk from squeezing through the gaps of the railing and falling. Netting can also be a temporary precaution to use when small children are visiting your home and you do not want to install a permanent screen. However, be sure that the ties that secure the net to the railings do not provide a hand or foot hold to an intrepid toddler. You need to feel comfortable that should your child or grandchild pull, tug or try to climb the netting, that the net will not break away or sag. Believe me, one of my children was a great escape artist. At his preschool they had to put bells on the door handle to alert the teachers when he decided to leave the class (to visit his brother in another classroom). Eventually they had to install a stable door, to keep him from wandering off!



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