Golden Rules For Mums with Small Children

kid melt downI have four children, the first two are 5 years apart, the last two are 17 months apart. Raising a single child for five years was quite different from having three children under the age of 5. I am one of six children myself, and my mum would smile knowingly and offer me much-needed advice, to tame my, at times, unruly mob!  You can’t expect a child to sit still and not be curious.  Be ready for anything and count your blessings everyday it goes according to plan and do not beat yourself up on the days it all falls apart.  If I were to offer any advice, the following would be my top 10.

1. Never go up the stairs empty-handed.

2. Give your kids a choice, albeit from a list you already approve of.

3. Always sit down to eat lunch, it might be the only “me time” in your day.

4. Have a distraction ready for small children such as a coloring book and pencils, when you take them to a restaurant.

5. Asking small children to eat later while on vacation is a tall order, consider having them eat at the hotel early and just order desert for them at the restaurant later.

6. If your child is having a tantrum in the supermarket, go straight to the customer service area, leave the cart with them and take your child outside to clam down. You won’t have been the first to do this!

7. Before saying no to your kids, ask yourself if you can say yes.

8. Routines are very important for children, they prepare them for what comes next, set up a routine and talk your child through it. You:”okay, we’ve brushed your teeth, what’s next?” Child “a story then a kiss good night, then bedtime!”

9. Even with all the distractions and tricks to keep children entertained and engaged there will be times when they fail. Consider that when you see a mom dealing with a child’s melt down.

10. Pick your battles, what matters more to you, that Jimmy’s sock match or that he has cleaned his teeth? (and mismatched socks are quite adorable)

Is this right or wrong?kids discount

What advice would you give?


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