Qualities To Look For In A House Cleaner

IMG_1481When my children were small, I really needed help keeping my house clean and tidy.  While I concentrated on tidying up and organizing our belongings, my house cleaner could concentrate on the cleaning.  It was a team effort and worth every penny.  More recently, with just the two of us rattling around in our home, my hubby and I have help but only once every two weeks.

The important thing to remember when working with a house cleaner is that they are there to clean, not to tidy up. If you have not put away the clutter before your home is cleaned, it will not look very different after your cleaner has finished.

Hire An Individual Cleaner or a Team?

When you hire and cleaning company you will have to specify the tasks to be undertaken and the company will quote a price and how many hours it will take them to do the job.  They will work to this schedule on every visit, so you know exactly what to expect each time.  Typically a team of cleaners are in and out in a couple of hours, hardly time to run a dishwasher or a do a complete load of laundry. If that is a priority for you (and who doesn’t love opening an empty dishwasher) you should consider this when hiring.  Most teams use their own cleaning products and materials, which is a saving for you, over time.  In addition to cleaning, include changing the bed linens and cleaning inside of the refrigerator, to make the most of the extra help.  If you plan to do your weekly grocery shop on cleaning day, or the next, your fridge will have fewer items in it by then and be easy for your team to clean. Because a team concentrates mainly on the cleaning, they will not, usually, be putting your belongings away, which avoids items being misplaced. Working alongside a team you can have your housework completed in half a day.

When hiring an individual house cleaner, finding someone you can work alongside with is key, in that way they will learn where things belong and how you want your home to look.  An individual person will be in the home longer, giving them the opportunity to assist with several loads of laundry.  Get ahead of the game by putting the first load in the washer prior to their arrival and run the dishwasher, so that they can empty it before they leave.  If you prefer to manage your laundry, sort it into loads for your cleaner, or limit laundry to bed linens and towels on cleaning day.  You are more likely to develop a personal relationship with an individual cleaner, as they spend more time with the family and become more familiar with how you manage your home.

If you need all round help running your home, you need more than a cleaner, you need someone who understands how your household runs, who can be relied on to put your belongings away, be adaptable to changing situations and assist you as needed rather than have a set routine.  That’s the difference between a house cleaner and a house keeper, a job is better suited to an individual person.


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