Organize Your Guest Room

 You want to make your guests feel welcomed and at ease in your home.  It’s natural for guests to feel uncomfortable asking for things that they might need in fear of being a nuisance.  By thoughtfully preparing the room for them you send the message “welcome to our home, we want you be have a pleasant stay.”

Here are a few tips for preparing for guests.

Thoroughly clean and air the room prior to your guests arrival.  Remove clutter from night stands and dressers.  Consider transferring items stored in the closet to under the bed containers.  Take this opportunity to purge the items statshed away in the dresser drawers and closets, did you miss them? Can you let them go?  Bed covers should be clean and well aired.

~ In The Guest Room ~

  • Fresh towels on a freshly made bed.
  • Extra Pillows and a blanket.
  • A bottle of water and a glass on the night stand.
  • A Box of Tissues.
  • A Waste Paper Basket.
  • Some thoughtfully chosen books or magazines (maybe a topic you know your guest is interested in).
  • Space in the closet with hangers.
  • An empty drawer or two in the dresser.
  • A bedside lamp, with a spare light bulb.
  • A Robe.
  • A Beach Towel, in summer.
  • A Velour Throw, in winter.
  • For a finishing touch, place a decorative box on the dresser, for your guest to use as a catch all for small personal items.

~ In The Bathroom ~

  • Fill a basket with travel size products such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Extra toilet paper.
  • Room Spray.
  • Hair Dryer.
  • Feminine products. (if appropriate)

~ In The Kitchen ~

  • Place coffee and/or tea making items on a tray, together with cups and spoons, and a snack, in case your guest is an early riser.
  • A note to wish them good morning and to help themselves, mention when they can expect to see you or any plans you may have for the day.

Coming Up – Tips for A Perfect Houseguest!


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