Be The Perfect Houseguest

 It’s not that difficult to be a good houseguest, showing consideration for your hosts and respecting their home is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  Here are a few ideas that will get you an invite back!

  • Share your itinerary ~ They need to know your arrival and departure dates with times.  Let them know if you have made any other plans while you are in town.

  • Bring a gift ~ Show your appreciation with a small gift.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Maybe something from your hometown.

  • Observe the house rules ~ Ask your host when your arrive if there are any rules you need to be aware of. Do you need to take shoes off your shoes at the door? What’s the rule about feeding Fido? 

  • Pick up after yourself ~ Keep your room and bathroom tidy.  Hang up your towels. Make your bed. Clean up after yourself if you use the kitchen. Do not leave your things around the house.

  • Replace items you use ~ If you use the last of the orange juice or milk, pop to the local shop to replenish supplies.

  • Offer to help ~ Don’t expect your host to wait on you hand and foot, pitch in; Set the table, empty the dishwasher, help with dinner.  

  • Invite your hosts along on your outings ~ Even if they can’t make it, they will appreciate being asked.

  • With small children ~ Ask your host ahead of time if you need baby or toddler items such as high chairs, so they have a chance to get hold of them.  Let your host know your child’s routines and be flexible with them.

  • Clean Up ~ On your departure, leave the room and bathroom clean and tidy.  Strip the bed and leave the bedding and towels in the laundry room.  Empty your waste basket into the kitchen bin.  Return glasses and dishes to the kitchen and rinse them out.

  • Say Thank You ~ Send a hand written thank-you note, or leave one in your room before you leave.

  • Return the favor ~ Invite your hosts to stay with you.


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