Old Fashioned Summer Fun For Kids

Are your kids bored already?


Start the summer vacation off with a summer journal.  Your children will enjoy collecting items to include in their journal and love to look back and remember the good times they shared, at the end of the summer and indeed, in years to come.

You Will Need

  • A package of colored construction paper, pre-punch two holes in the sheets – for easy assembly with a ribbon later.
  • Glue Stick, Scissors
  • A ruler, pencil and felt pens
  • Memorabilia (flyers, coasters, menus, tickets, brochures )
  • Imagination!


imageCollect items

Every time you go out and about with your children, collect items along the way.  For example: coasters, napkins, maps, menus, entrance tickets, brochures and more.

The next day or later the same day, when the children need some quiet time, talk about where you have been and help them pick out items to glue onto a journal sheet. Help them come up with a sentence or two about the experience, what they did, why they liked it etc.

Use a pencil and ruler to draw lines on the page for your child to write about the trip. Then help them cut out and paste any items that they have collected, onto the pages.

As the journal grows, keep the pages together with some ribbon and keep it to one side.  Give the children a fresh sheet for each day/event, to keep the journal neat and tidy.

In the last week of summer before returning to school, read the journal with them and ask them to design a cover page.  You can add an About the Author page for the back page and include a photo of your child, as a surprise for them!



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