Things People with Good Table Manners Never Do

Sharing the dinner table with others is a social interaction, albeit a casual family gathering or a business meeting. Good table manners show respect for the people you are dining with and person(s) providing the food, which is why good table manners should be employed at every meal.

My Top Ten Things People with Good Table Manners Never Do

1. Eat with their mouths open.

2. Speak with food in their mouths.

3. Commence eating before everyone is served, unless implored to do so by fellow diners. (This might happen, if one meal is delayed or sent back to the kitchen in a restaurant)

4. Reach over others to pick up a food platter or condiments, they always ask for items to be passed.

5. Cut bread or a roll with a knife, but break it with their fingers.

6. Clear plates from the table while someone is still eating.

7. Belch, burp or pass wind while at the table.

8. Cough over the food, they always do so into a napkin, or with their head turned away.

9. Answer a telephone call and conduct a conversation while still seated. They excuse themselves and take such important calls away from the table.

10. Leave the table without thanking the host or their server for the meal and the service.

It’s important to us good manners at home with your children, this is how they learn. Coming together to eat in a calm, orderly gathering is quality family time.  Not rushing to eat food and chewing properly is better for digestion. Showing your appreciation in the way you enjoy the food and by saying thank you, makes the cook feel that their efforts were well spent.

Around the world, manners and etiquette are expected and appreciated, here are some taboos about the use of chopsticks, some are new to me!




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