imageWhy I Chose To Volunteer

Following 26 years as a stay at home mother of four, I found that, when my youngest went off to college, I had a need in myself to satisfy. That need was to share my experience, my knowledge, my life experiences, my stories, my humor, my love of life.  I had a real desire to continue helping, not only my kids, but others. Along with starting my own business, I became a volunteer in hospice care.

I chose hospice, because I saw that many of the seniors who had retired in my community, did not have family who were able to visit with them on a regular basis, because of work, family commitments and geographical location. I felt I could make a difference and bridge a gap. I felt more of an affinity with older adults. As an expat, my family live around the world and I relished the contact with seniors.  My aim was to be a stand in “grand daughter”. This has turned out to be very rewarding, my duties have included visiting hospice patients and their families, working on fund raising campaigns and working in the offices as a clerical back up. My life has never been so full! Hospice families ask me why I do it , I reply, because I can, and because I hope that in my old age, there will be a volunteer to visit me, to break up my day, ask me about my life and give my family a break from caring for me.

From that experience I have been given the amazing opportunity to become the part time Volunteer Coordinator for a National Hospice Care Program. I will be using my experience in organizing, hospice care, fundraising  and life experience, to recruit, train, motivate and retain a volunteer group serving members of the community from Hilton Head to Charleston, SC.  I am really excited to begin a new chapter in my career!


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