Enjoying The Outdoors

It’s official, summer is here.  School’s out and the air conditioning is humming!  It’s a quiet time of the year in terms of home organization. We worked hard in the fall and spring, so we could enjoy the summer. It’s time to get out and about locally and enjoy what is right on your doorstep.

Here on Hilton Head Island, the temperature has run in the 90’s. The only way to stay cool is in the water, or on it. You do not need your own boat here, as there are plenty of enterprises who make it their business to get locals and vacationers on and in the waters, just choose between the ocean and the intercostal waterways.

To find your local hidden gems, check out http://www.rootsrated.com (also available as an app) and  http://www.outsidehiltonhead.com to explore the outdoors in your area, or a short drive away.

What is RootsRated?

“RootsRated is a media platform that connects users with the best outdoor experiences, hand-picked by local outdoor retailers and their networks of local experts. We are NOT another website full of crowd-sourced trail reviews.”
These guys were recently in Hilton Head, what an amazing job they have, traveling the United States, reviewing outdoor activities.

“We harness the collective expertise of high-level local runners, skiers, riders, paddlers, and climbers. Then we share it through exclusive stories and destination reviews—curated city by city—about the best trails, runs, routes, crags, and more. RootsRated brings people who love the outdoors together, through insights from locals who are most in the know.”

Outside Hilton Head

“Since 1979 the go-to source for grass-roots, feel-good energy on Hilton Head has been a little company called Outside. Grown out of fledgling windsurfing business, Outside is now a sizable operation with four distinct divisions: Destination Management, Specialty Retail, Team and Leadership Development and Leisure Recreation.”

Boating, kayaking, and Stand Up Paddleboard are all ways to take in a nature tour, experience the sandbars, beachcombe, water ski, go tubing, watch Dolphins, the local fireworks and even observe the full moon!

“The Outside Hilton Head Team is made up of Captains, Guides, Educators and Visionaries all of whom share our core values of Safety, Passion, Excellence, Teamwork and Sustainability.”

A hat, and sunscreen recommended!

photo credits Henry Underwood


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