Climb For Air at Charleston Colesium


Elite athletes, families, children and firefighters turned out to climb the steps in Charleston’s Coliseum, to raise money for The Lung Organization!

Said to be some 5000 steps, the equivalent of 124 floors of a building, the fastest completed the run in under 8 minutes!  The firefighters challenge had teams running in full gear and breathing apparatus weighing over 50 lbs!  One participant did the course TWICE!

As sponsors of the event, Hospice Advantage, cheered the runners on, threw water bottles up to runners who needed them and amused the children and participants with a “Spin and Win” wheel.  Charlotte and Lilly joined me for the day…. Thank you so much for waking up at 5am girls!

After the event we toured the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, a beautiful old plantation with lovely gardens, walks and the most amusing trolley tour with a guide who had no idea how funny he was.  Followed by a shrimp luncheon and a scenic ride back to Hilton Head on route 17.  A long day, but lots of fun and laughter!



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