Happy 4th July! Birthday Cake and Margaritas

  Watermelon Cake You Will Need 1 watermelon 1 lb Strawberries, washed, hulled and thinly sliced 2 oz  Blueberries, washed and drained Small Carton of Heavy Whipping Cream,  freshly whipped Directions Generously slice the top and bottom off the watermelon leaving the center part of the melon. Remove skin and shape into a round cake.…

Home Grown … Coming Soon

This is why I love growing my food!  Nothing tastes better than freshly picked tomatoes and basil, still warm from the sun, layered with fresh mozzarella (not made by me) drizzled with extra virgin oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  ‘Nuff said?

Enjoying The Outdoors

It’s official, summer is here.  School’s out and the air conditioning is humming!  It’s a quiet time of the year in terms of home organization. We worked hard in the fall and spring, so we could enjoy the summer. It’s time to get out and about locally and enjoy what is right on your doorstep. Here…

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all Dad’s a very Happy Father’s Day.   Thank you Dad for supporting me and always being in my corner.  Thank you Rob, for our four amazing children and thank you James, for being the best father-in-law a girl could wish for, no longer with us but in our hearts forever.